Sofa arm tray - a multifunctional item needed in every home

Imagine having your morning coffee on the couch while watching the news on the TV. The cup is placed on the couch and when you try to get yourself more comfortable the coffee cup loses its balance and spills all over the room. That would be quite the morning. Or having a nice, delicious breakfast in bed and then your morning omelet falls on your favorite blanket leaving an ugly stain.

Well, these situations could make your morning and probably all day very frustrating. But there is a solution for it - the sofa arm tray which will change all your mornings and daily routines as well. And more importantly, the tray can serve different purposes as well. That is a huge advantage of this product. Because it can be annoying to have your living space full of different items which fill up the room and sometimes you cannot find a place where to store everything. And of course, money will be saved if one item can replace several others.

A sofa table definitely classifies as a multifunctional item. Firstly, it can serve as a laptop holder in situations when there is no desk where to put your laptop and work needs to be done so the laptop ends in your lap. Without the sofa arm tray the owner's lap would get very hot from the computer heat and the computer could overheat from the bodily heat. The sofa arm tray can save the situation as it will perfectly fit underneath the computer and will make the work more comfortable. It is a win-win situation. Also, the tray is foldable, which means it is possible to fold it from one side to lift your laptop up a little bit for more comfortable use while writing.
As previously mentioned the sofa tray table can serve as a breakfast or any other mealtime tray. It is so handy to put your food on the tray and place it on the couch like a little table. There is a sofa arm tray with a phone holder slot which means you can put your phone inside the endways and use it while enjoying your meal. It can be a great help on how to beautifully serve breakfast to your friends and family.
And of course, we cannot forget the main function, it works perfectly on the sofa arms, it is a lot easier to place a cup of tea or a glass of wine right next to you and it protects your sofa arms from stains and worn outs. The ways of using this item can be as wide as the imagination.

If this encouraged you to get some sofa arm trays but you cannot decide where to get one, EWART WOODS has a wide variety of sofa arm trays in three different styles and in a lot of colors that will suit every house and design, just need to choose which one will look the best!



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